1000 Lakes honeys are harvested once a year from Mazury and Podlasie – Poland’s most northeastern regions, covered by lush green forests, swamps and one thousand post-glacial lakes.

Gourmet experience

Sweet, aromatic, with subtle plant hints, our honeys provide intense sensations. The moment you open the jar, the aroma surrounds you, catching the attention of everyone in the room. The best way to eat it is straight from the jar, but also pairs well with salads, breads, pancakes, desserts, cheese plates, meals and hot beverages. Try both our honeys typical for this region and choose your favorite: citrusy and floral linden honey, or the less sweet, coffee-like, malty buckwheat honey.

Taste of the local terroir

The last ice age 15,000 years ago forged an idyllic landscape of lakes, forests and wetlands rich in wildlife and plants. In this arcadian world, bees meticulously produce honey with a mellow-crisp taste sensation, characteristic for the terroir.

A large buckwheat field near the Biebrza National Park, photo provided by Edward Szymkuć, one of our beekeepers,

The honeys are collected by bees in a serene environment, among the forests, fields and lakes of Mazury and Podlasie regions.

Modern management, but artisanal production

Our honeys are “raw”, because they receive minimal treatment during manufacturing. The honeys were cleansed of impurities and then processed in a temperature not exceeding 40 Celsius degrees – such a technique preserves all the live enzymes and nutritional components responsible for honey’s unique remedial properties.

Design & technology

The jars were made in Venice from glass with high rigidity and clarity – they make a good first impression when offering honey as gift, additionally the packaging won’t break easily during transportation. The lids were produced without using bisphenol A.  

2 gold medals in 2019 Singapore Taste Awards

We are proud to announce we received two gold medals in the 2019 Singapore Taste Awards contest organized by Singapore Newspaper. Both our linden and buckwheat honeys garnered the top prize. Receiving two medals helps us greatly in our operation in the South-Eastern Asia!

Source: singapore-newspaper.com

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